This program may be for you if you are ready to dive into an issue and see real and sustainable change happen for you. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Six months gives you the time and space to get crystal clear on what you want and begin making substantial change toward the results that you most want.

We look at vision, strategy, mindset, skillset, and energy. We take a deep dive into your doubts, resistance, fears, limits, and stories. You become aware of what is actually hindering you from making the changes you desire. We begin removing those blocks step by step. You start to make noticeable headway as you build your block-removing capabilities and learn to trust yourself to continue doing so.

As you remove the blocks, you find that you have much less on your mind and you begin to relax. You learn what takes your energy and what gives you energy. You build on your strengths and uncover the capabilities and answers you already have. You find the clarity, confidence, resilience, and resourcefulness to tackle life with ease and flow.

At the end of the 6 months, if you invest yourself fully in this program, you will notice that you’ve not only gotten substantial traction and clarity, you have also shifted in powerful ways and are getting the results you desire.



  1. TWELVE INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - (60-90-minute video or in-person sessions, 2 per month) – This is great because it differs from the traditional 50-minute session and gives us the time to settle down, delve deep, get clear, and find a clear and sustainable path forward. Having one week on and one week off gives you time to process and integrate our sessions and the other resources I offer. You will get crystal clear clarity, traction, and the time and space to create strong habits and needed understanding that will lead to sustainable transformation.

  2. ONE MONTHLY 15-20-MINUTE PHONE CALL PER MONTH as needed in-between our regular sessions to support you when something sticky arises.

  3. ANYTIME EMAIL ACCESS. You’ll love this option when you have a quick question, need a bit of extra support, and want to stay on track between sessions. You don’t have to go it alone.

  4. THE SECRET TO A CLEAR MIND, MORE CONFIDENCE, AND A GREATER SENSE OF WELLBEING audio and PDF training. I created this training to give you a solid foundation for our work together. You could think of this as the psychology that supports our work. I will be referring to these ideas throughout our time together.

  5. MONTLY JUMPSTARTS – clear, concise trainings that solidify and deepen your understanding and support you in making sustainable changes and creating the results you want.

  6. MONTHLY CLARITY SHOTS - short videos or audios to help you stay on track. I love these short inspirations that I’ve prepared for you. They are like delicious espresso shots that wake you up to your clear mind.

  7. WORKSHEETS on various topics to help you navigate this chaotic life with more flow and ease. These are great for going deeper and creating supportive habits. They are there when you need them.

  8. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES tailored to your needs that will support you in the coaching process. These resources will include audio, video, book, and article recommendations. You will appreciate this knowing that you won’t have to go searching all over the internet for material that supports you in going deeper in your journey.

It is my desire that you feel fully supported to get the clarity and transformational results that you want during these 6 months.