Clarity Coaching Services

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The Clarity Program

This introductory program is perfect If you are new to coaching and aren’t sure where to begin or how coaching works. For three months, we work together getting crystal clear on what is going on for you and what changes you most want to make. You begin to learn how mindset works and why it matters. From that understanding, you will see how change actually happens and you will begin taking meaningful steps to transform your life.


The Clarity + Transformation Program

This program may be for you if you are ready to dive into an issue and see real and sustainable change happen for you. Over 6 months, we get crystal clear on what you want. We take a deep dive into your doubts, resistance, fears, limits, and stories. You become aware of what is actually hindering you from making the changes you desire. We begin removing those blocks step by step. You start to make noticeable headway as you build your block-removing capabilities and learn to trust yourself to continue doing so. As you remove the blocks, you find that you have much less on your mind and you begin to relax. You find more clarity, resilience, and resourcefulness to tackle life with ease and flow.


The INtensive Program

3-4 day intensives create the time and space to step away from your everyday life; from your habitual thinking and habits, from your kids, work, email, social media, and all of the demands. Together, we create the space for you to discover insights and understanding that will support you in moving forward with more ease. After the 3 or 4 days, there is a 3 month follow-up period to continue your grounding in the understanding that you gained during the intensive. It also helps ensure that your comedown from the “mountaintop experience” or “retreat high” is not too drastic and disruptive. We deepen your understanding and support you in the change you most desire. This program may be for you if are in the middle of a challenging situation and find it difficult to navigate, are going through a divorce, death of a loved one, depression, work change, or some other major transition.


The Apprentice Program

This is a one year program for people who want to transform their lives from the inside out. You are ready to dive in with full commitment to making the changes you most desire. The Apprentice Program is designed in such a way that you will finish the year with a deep understanding of the principles behind life, a new relationship with your own wisdom and creativity, and an unwavering confidence in your ability to create the life you most want, including giving your gifts to those around you.


Yearly Women’s Clarity & Empowerment retreat

This retreat is an opportunity to give yourself a mental holiday, step away from your day-to-day life, and explore, play with, and begin to embody your inner and outer power enabling you to slay the new year.

You will receive: Transforming insights that will help you to create a life of empowerment. An understanding of how the human system works that will support you in living a life of wellbeing. Help in taking your next steps to becoming the powerful woman you know you are deep inside. More confidence, courage, and peace of mind both personally and professionally. New friendships and lasting relationships with other women in the group. Fun!