I'm running my annual fundraising campaign right now to raise $2000 which will allow me to dedicate between 25-30 additional pro bono hours to individuals who can’t afford coaching.

I am committed to working with individuals who simply can’t afford to pay for sessions. I absolutely love coaching these folks. They inspire me! I’m inviting you to make a contribution toward the well-being of those who can’t afford to pay for coaching due to difficult situations and challenges. If you value transformative work, then please consider donating on behalf of people who can’t afford it but who can benefit tremendously. This fundraiser will enable me to give 25-30 additional hours to pro bono clients. I've included a couple of amazing bonuses! See bonuses below. Any amount is most welcomed.


Check back to see funds raised!



“In just a few sessions, Carla’s coaching has already become an invaluable component in my recovery from grief. She encourages me to look within myself for answers and serves as a much needed reminder to slow down and relax into the present moment. Her gentle approach gives me more confidence in myself and my resilience during a time of dire circumstances. I am thankful for her insight and trust in me as I rebuild and move forward in search of my own wellbeing.” R. Hicks

“Having access to cost free coaching with Carla has transformed my life. After years of trying every type of therapist and medication that my insurance would cover; I was given this beautiful gift that has deepened my understanding of myself and others, while guiding me down a path I truly enjoy walking – for the first time in my life.” K. Bush

Bonus 1 - If you donate $75, I will donate one 90-minute coaching session to a person of your choice who is unable to afford coaching.

Bonus 2 - If you donate $150 or more, I will gift you a 13x19 inch archival, fine art print of any image (even limited editions!) you want from Carla Royal Photography

I teach individuals how psychological functioning actually works. Through understanding, people are able to change their behaviors naturally and sustainably even after our work together is complete. Many of us have learned countless techniques and collected a multitude of tools to help us change but we can’t seem to sustain the change. This is because of a misunderstanding about how the human system works. I help people clear up their misunderstanding so they are able to once again find their innate well-being, resiliency, clarity, and wisdom.

Your donation enables me to give more hours to pro bono clients.


Any amount given is most appreciated. 

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