Helping You Overcome Self-Doubt and Anxiety and Become Confident & Courageous Despite What this Culture Has to Say About You

It may be that you didn't expect your life to turn out this way, but here you. Perhaps you are struggling with a sense of self-doubt and a touch of insecurity, or worse, deep shame and a trembling fear. You live in the midst of a culture that is unclear about how it views you. Once minute, the tide seems to be turning and the culture seems to be supporting you or at least no longer blatantly against you. Then things turn upside down, and the culture seems to be against you once again. You may have experienced others mildly disapproving of you, or, worse yet, outright hatred and rejection. We live in unsettling times to be sure.

Listen, your birthright is confidence, courage, self-esteem, resilience and wellbeing, despite what is happening out there. Yes, your birthright. Perhaps no one has ever told this before, but I assure, it is true. I can show you and help you claim them, despite what your family or this culture may have to say about it. As a lesbian and long time therapist turned life coach, I offer you a safe space to explore and claim your power. I can help you navigate this crazy, chaotic life with more ease and enjoyment than you may have allowed yourself to imagine.

Imagine having a strong sense of confidence and well-being no matter what this culture or you family has to say about you.

Imagine learning to access your own innate courage, resiliency, and resourcefulness regardless of what's happening out there.

Imagine handling all these life challenges with more peace of mind and less stress than you thought possible.

Oh, yes, it's possible.

Most of us have grown up with a misunderstanding about how the human system works. We believe that we must get better at coping, try harder, control our emotions, thoughts, and circumstances, and much more. We've forgotten who we really are. We've lost touch with our resilience and resourcefulness. Transformative coaching points you back to confidence, resourcefulness, and wellbeing. It helps you on the level of mindset and mindset changes everything which enables you to make the powerful changes in your life that you most desire.

As a coach, I have an unwavering commitment to my clients. I will support you to bring out and sustain what’s meaningful to you, despite what anyone else has to say about it. How? I will help you come to know your true essence. You will discover your resilience, resourcefulness, and wellbeing even in the midst of a culture that would deny you. Together we will create sustaining strategies so that you can begin living a more courageous, confident, and peaceful life right now.

My total commitment is to help you navigate this chaotic world with more ease and confidence and to live the life you have been dreaming of with confidence and peace of mind.

Sound interesting? Let’s chat.



First: We identify what you most want in your life. If you could wave a magic wand, what would your life look like? How would you know you had gotten there? We get crystal clear about what your vision is for your life and your vision guides us throughout our work together.

Second: We look at what is blocking you from realizing your vision, why tools and techniques you've learned in the past haven't helped you reach your goals, why this culture or your family don't have to change in order for you to have what you want, and what understanding you need in order to move toward your vision with ease and clarity. It's not what you think.

Third: As you come to understand how the mind works and how we create our reality, you close the gap between your vision and where you are now. You begin to embody your vision, with less effort, and you find your vision becoming reality. Here and now.

Sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom or over the phone from the comfort of your own home or office. 

If you are ready to begin living a more confident, meaningful, and peaceful life even in the midst of a homophobic culture, then schedule a strategy session with me today.