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I'm so pleased you've subscribed to my newsletter. To thank you, I have created a series of inspirational downloads just for you. From a training and framables (meaning high resolution images suitable for printing) to helpful tools. All images are my own. 

DIRECTIONS: If you are downloading a PDF, click on the 'Download PDF' button and look in the top right hand corner for the download icon. For the framable images and quotes, click image if you'd like to see them large before downloading. When you are ready to download, click on 'Download' Button beneath image to open full resolution image and then right click and 'Save As'.

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I highly recommend starting with the audio & PDF training. These tools are intended to give you a bit of support as you create the conditions for returning to your own wellbeing. They will not fix you as you are not broken. Allow your own wisdom to guide you in tweaking and playing with them. 



Have a favorite quote you'd like to see coupled with one of my images? Contact me and let me know. I just may create it!