Hear What Folks Are Saying About Working With Carla


Benefitted significantly

Carla has a wonderful way of tuning in to the life narrative and heartbeat of individuals with whom she works. My family has benefited significantly from her insightful care. I recommend her highly!  Randy Smith, Licensed Professional Counselor, Atlanta GA


Nearly Free of Crippling Anxiety

Working with Carla has changed my life and not only mine but the impact of her guidance and wisdom has resonated with my entire family and carried us through some incredibly tough times. I am able to work on trusting myself again after years of living in crisis and allowing it to consume me. I have learned that I am not sick or broken, my life is not destroyed. I am lighter and nearly free of my once crippling anxiety. Kayte Bush, Dental Hygienist, Tampa Bay, FL


Self-acceptance! Peace and direction.

I have experienced so much healing, less anxiety, less worry, developed more proactive behaviors, and for the first time in many years, have begun to feel a deeper sense of peace and direction… but moreover, a level of peace and working towards acceptance and permission with myself to find happiness again.  Lisa Hudson, Retired Psychiatric Nurse Clinician, Augusta, GA



I met Carla when I was confused and anxious about where my life was heading.  I was at a point where I was not able to make any life decisions and felt like I was hitting against the wall.  Carla skillfully managed to explore my confusion and inquire deeper into my own self.  I can truly say that Carla put me on the right track of discovering myself which has led me to discover my path and find my passion in life.   Suhsant, Management Consultant, California


Higher confidence, Better health, improved relationships

Carla’s gentle yet powerful guidance has helped me break through to new levels of well-being.  My self-confidence is much higher; I have made permanent changes in the way I approach my physical health; my relationships with my husband and our three-year-old daughter are enhanced; and I feel excited and impassioned about my new vocation. Jen Hartley, Mother, Wife, Local Food Activist, Menomonie WI


Improved Health, Finances, and Relationships

I’ve been able to address and greatly improve my health, finances and relationships, and have re-ignited interests and energy that I thought had withered.  I have paid off all my debts.  I work my body regularly with running, weights and yoga.  My boundaries in relationships have greatly improved and I find it more comfortable to say no when I need to.  Greg Eddie, Lending Analyst, Portland OR


Less anxiety and a beautiful life

The past couple years have been the hardest years of my life, with my husband leaving me.  Anxiety had become a crippling factor in my life. I was overwhelmed with fear and, as a result, highly reactive to the world around me. If you could see my life now, you would not see “perfection”; but you would see that I have built something rather beautiful indeed.  Cristy Smith, Psychotherapist, Seattle WA



I was all over the place and needed some direction. I was unreliable and lost in my own head. I’m learning that I’m responsible for my own happiness. I now take time for myself - I didn’t do that before. I’m trying new things. Making new friends and repairing old friendships. I’m more open. I’m no longer responsible to help everyone. I’m learning not to overwhelm myself and to slow down. I found clarity. The weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders. Maria Lozado, Business Owner, Tampa, FL



Carla came to my rescue some years back - just when I needed a sympathetic ear, and a gentle push in the right direction. My life now is so full and rich. Because of this transformation, my art has blossomed in ways I never thought possible. Carla confidently held up a mirror for me. This enabled me to accurately reflect on what was holding me back from living the life I was destined to live. I am grateful to you, Carla. Adrienne A., Artist, Atlanta GA



Carla’s gift is in her ability to enter into my world without judgment, speak my language, and understand my metaphors. She meets me where I am with dignity. Carla is helping me to harvest my life experience for the wisdom that is mine alone. With her help, I am revising my life narrative to be more compassionate toward myself. Working with Carla has greatly improved my relationship with reality. I highly recommend her. Fredrick Dent, Filmmaker, Professor, Seattle WA



Carla is insightful, fun, easy, provocative, gentle and really great at creating the space so that we can reveal ourselves to ourselves. Her skill is in holding me to my higher self, helping me to reflect on my world to create a better more meaningful and more resourceful place to play in. This is a woman you want in your corner championing you as you dive deeply, fully immersed in and playfully engaging with your life. Catriona Egan, Consultant Trainer & Facilitator, Ireland


Warmth, kindness, genuine concern

I’m deeply grateful for your healthy and supportive feedback.  But mostly, I’m thankful for the special warmth, kindness and genuine concern you showed for me, which was worth well more than what I could ever pay.  Thank you, again. James L., Manager–Multimedia, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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Life flows More simply and peacefully

Through Carla’s ongoing support, guidance and wisdom, I am emerging as a woman I had not been in touch with before; She was always there, but well hidden amongst the corporate jobs and raising a family. My life flows at a simpler, peaceful pace compared to my old way of being and I now live with much greater grace and ease. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Carla. Julie N., Project Manager, Minnesota