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Imagine feeling a sense of well-being in your everyday life regardless of what's going on out there. Imagine learning to access your own innate resiliency, creativity, and clarity despite challenging circumstances. Imagine experiencing more freedom and less stress. Most of us have grown up with a misunderstanding about how the human system works. We believe that we must try harder, learn more, control our emotions, thoughts, and circumstances, and much more. We've read the books, learned the techniques, made progress and fallen back. So much effort! New discoveries in neuroscience, quantum physics, and the consciousness movement all point to an understanding of the human experience that the spiritual mystics have known for centuries: Well-being comes from within. It is innate and constant. Outside circumstances cannot touch that place of well-being. When we get caught up in our thinking about our circumstances, moods, or others, we step out of the natural flow of life and that can feel awful. Inside-out coaching is about a shift in your understanding from the inside that can have a profound impact on the outside in your day to day life.

You have so much potential! How many times have you heard that over the years? You are smart and resourceful though you may doubt. You may feel stressed out by all that's expected of you. I imagine you are tired of reaching for a potential that always seems just out of reach. 

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Coaching can help with the physical and mental challenges of the workplace by understanding the human mind and unleashing the potential of each member of your team. Challenges and stress are common in every workplace. That is only a problem if...

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"Shut up. Suck it up. Rub some dirt in it and keep going." This is great advice when you are in operational and tactical mode. You must get the job done, but the buildup in your human system happens when you stay in that mode long after the call is over. 

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Kayte Bush

I am lighter and nearly free of my crippling anxiety. Working with Carla has changed my life and her guidance and wisdom has carried my family and me through some incredibly tough times...

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Sushant Shrestha

I was confused and anxious about where my life was heading. I was not able to make any life decisions and felt like I was hitting against the wall.  Carla put me on the right track of discovering...

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Cristy Smith

Anxiety had become a crippling factor in my life. If you could see my life now, 6 months post divorce, you would not see “perfection”; but you would see that I have built something rather beautiful...  

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I have an unwavering commitment to my clients. I will support you to bring out and sustain what’s meaningful to you. Contact me to learn more.

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Sessions are conducted via Skype, Zoom, or phone from the comfort of your own home or office. 


As well as being well trained and skilled, Carla is just full of life wisdom. She has a wonderful way of tuning in to the life narrative and heartbeat of individuals with whom she works. She’s a great listener and a gifted guide for centered living. My family has benefited significantly from her insightful care. I recommend her highly!  Randy Q. Smith, Licensed Professional Counselor, Atlanta GA



Working with Carla has changed my life and not only mine but the impact of her guidance and wisdom has resonated with my entire family and carried us through some incredibly tough times. I have learned to acknowledge and honor my own innate wisdom and I am able to work on trusting myself again after years of living in crisis and allowing it to consume me. I had lost sight of the very essence of my humanity and all the good in the world and almost even resented it. Carla has guided me to recognize how struggling against reality causes suffering, and gently and compassionately led me to realize how my constant struggle was creating my own pain and suffering. Decades of traditional psychotherapy, holistic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and most recently DBT therapy had convinced me I was sick and broken. That has been one of the most profound things I have learned working with Carla, I am not sick or broken, my life is not destroyed; in fact, I can create my own reality through how I process and perceive the world around me. Carla wholly and completely gives her essence and eloquent honesty in every session and is completely engaged in guiding her clients through this life. I am lighter and nearly free of my once crippling anxiety every time I walk out of her door. I am eternally grateful for Carla and look forward to continuing to work with her and embracing the light she helps me see in myself. Kayte Bush, Dental Hygienist, Tampa Bay, FL


Carla is wise beyond her years, and, with that wisdom, she hears beyond what merely conventional ears can hear – she hears your soul. She is a gentle teacher, and can challenge you to think (and act) beyond your fixed boundaries, beliefs, and limitations with such unconditional love and acceptance. As an intuitive and brilliant listener, she wraps you in loving kindness with such authenticity and intelligence that you are given great confidence that she is not only trustworthy, but helping guide you to be transformed into the person you were meant to be. I have experienced so much healing, less anxiety, less worry, developed more proactive behaviors, and for the first time in many years, have begun to feel a deeper sense of peace and direction… but moreover, a level of peace and working towards acceptance and permission with myself to find happiness again.  Lisa HudsonRetired Psychiatric Nurse Clinician, Augusta, GA


I met Carla when I was confused and anxious about where my life was heading.  I was at a point where I was not able to make any life decisions and felt like I was hitting against the wall.  Carla skillfully managed to explore my confusion and inquire deeper into my own self.  At first I thought, I will ask questions and she will give me the answers and that would be the end of my anxiety, but I soon found out that her job is not to give answers, but to guide me deeper into discovering my own wisdom.  I can truly say that Carla put me on the right track of discovering myself which has led me to discover my path and find my passion in life.   Sushant, Management Consultant, California


Carla’s gentle yet powerful guidance has helped me break through to new levels of well-being.  My self-confidence is much higher; I have made permanent changes in the way I approach my physical health; my relationships with my husband and our three-year-old daughter are enhanced; and I feel excited and impassioned about my new vocation.  Carla’s wise and caring presence enables me to bring forth my most genuine, alive, compassionate self.  Jen Hartley, Mother, Wife, Local Food Activist, Menomonie WI



I was drawn to Carla for her commitment to expand traditional psychotherapy to include the impacts of culture and faith on our well being.  I’ve been able to address and greatly improve my health, finances and relationships, and have re-ignited interests and energy that I thought had withered.  I have paid off all my debts.  I work my body regularly with running, weights and yoga.  My boundaries in relationships have greatly improved and I find it more comfortable to say no when I need to.  Carla, you give permission to feel, dream and explore. This process has been refreshing, healing and never tiresome. I always look forward to our calls, as the space you provide is a rare gift. I appreciate that you really see me, and you aren’t afraid.  Greg Eddie, Lending Analyst, Portland OR


The past couple years have been the hardest years of my life, with my husband leaving me.  At that time I could hardly take the next breath, much less the next step forward.  Anxiety had become a crippling factor in my life.  I was overwhelmed with fear and, as a result, highly reactive to the world around me.  My time with Carla was helpful in many ways; but the blessing I carry most of all from my time with her is how she helped me sit with my fears long enough so that I was able to respond to the world “outside” me and “within” me with greater strength and tenderness.  If you could see my life now, 6 months post divorce, you would not see “perfection”; but you would see that I have built something rather beautiful indeed.  Cristy Smith, Psychotherapist, Seattle WA


Carla is in touch with the human condition in a way that is seldom seen or experienced. Her ability to listen and reflect what she hears with minimal filtering is a gift all coaches should have.  Carla’s ability to reframe situations and scenarios to aid with perspective is keen and her compassion for her fellow human is only surpassed by her love for her family and friends. Carla is a natural coach, gifted with more qualities than can be said (or written) and simply requires experiencing time with her.  Bill Berthel, HR Manager, Bainbridge NY



You are more than a witness in this world, you shed light. And, you do it in such a way that is unscary, welcoming and gentle. Your soul is a gift to the planet. Karyn Meyer, Aritist, New York




In Carla, you will find an unwavering commitment to supporting your growth and achieving the potential in your life. Her approach combines an extraordinary gifted intuition with integrity and skill to both support and challenge anyone seeking to move beyond their present circumstances and explore the possible. An already skilled counselor, with the addition of the integral coaching experience and practice, Carla is well prepared to be a Life Coach.  Bob Sisk, Transitions Consulting, Radford, VA



If you want support gently peeling back the layers of your ‘story' version of the world to reveal your authentic being in the world, then Carla is the coach for you.  She is insightful, fun, easy, provocative, gentle and really great at creating the space so that we can reveal ourselves to ourselves. Her skill is in holding me to my higher self, helping me to reflect on my world to create a better more meaningful and more resourceful place to play in.  This is a woman you want in your corner championing you as dive deeply, fully immersed in and playfully engaging with your life. Catriona Egan, Cafe Owner, Ireland


What was most surprising was the remarkable speed in which you seemed to grasp and really connect with my specific issue.  You did not spew the usual mantra of “let’s look at your childhood upbringing” to find where your problem lies–Instead, you offered reasoned, practical and up-right advice, which felt authentic and brilliant.  I’m deeply grateful for your healthy and supportive feedback.  But mostly, I’m thankful for the special warmth, kindness and genuine concern you showed for me, which was worth well more than what I could ever pay.  Thank you, again.  James L, Manager–Multimedia, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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I am someone who has done lots of personal growth work with individuals like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. Now, many months after first meeting Carla, I can say that my work with Carla has been the most powerful personal growth work that I have done. Through Carla’s ongoing support, guidance and wisdom, I am emerging as a woman I had not been in touch with before; She was always there, but well hidden amongst the corporate jobs and raising a family. My life flows at a simpler, peaceful pace compared to my old way of being and I now live with much greater grace and ease. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Carla. Julie N, Minnesota


Thank you for helping me to recognise the way back to my centre. I am grateful, and I’m smiling again.  Frances, London UK




I have watched Carla Royal work and I highly recommend her as a coach. She is dedicated, compassionate, very creative and she can handle difficult challenges.  Cloe Madanes, author Relationship Breakthrough and cofounder of Family Therapy Institute of Washington DC