One-on-One Intensives

Are you in the middle of a challenging situation and find it difficult to navigate? Divorce, death of a loved one, depression, work change, or some other life transition?

Perhaps you want to go deeper in your spiritual life or you want to become more conscious and awake to who you really are and how you want to live your life with meaning and purpose.

4-day intensives create the time and space to step away from your everyday life; from your habitual thinking and habits, from your kids, work, email, social media, and all of the demands.

Together, we create the space for you to discover insights and understanding that will support you in moving forward with more ease.

How it Works

We meet every morning and afternoon to discuss what is going on for you, identify your blocks, and guide you to insights and understanding that support you in moving through your situation.

Between sessions, you are given free time to work on assignments and reflect deeply. You may be asked to go for a walk, sit in nature, write in your journal, or something else.

You’ll probably have a lot of questions. We will talk about how you’re generating your thoughts and feelings and how the human system works. You’ll explore the universal reality of being human.

Through these conversations, you may begin to feel some relief and you’ll begin to see things anew. At different times during the Intensive, people have tipping points. Once you have that tipping point, you perceive the world differently. When you consider the problems you had before, you look at them literally as a different person, seeing with different eyes.

With this new perspective and understanding of your humanity, compassion and presence naturally follow. Suddenly you’re making choices easily. Maybe some things don’t even look like problems anymore and the solutions are very simple. And if they’re not simple, they’re not far from you.


After your Intensive, we follow-up for at least three months. As we talk during those follow-ups, you may realize, “Wow, everything is different, but nothing’s changed. Or everything has changed, but nothing’s different.”

For most people, when they came into the Intensive, they thought that external circumstances had to change for them to be happy. Within the Intensive, they came to realize that their innate happiness comes from the inside. With that understanding, a whole new world of solutions and insights becomes available to them.

Sessions are held in-person or via video calls.