Consider the Way of Nature

                                                Swallow Tailed Kite. My backyard. Dunedin, FL

Have you ever considered the ways of the birds or other creatures of this world?

                            Swallow Tailed Kite. My backyard. Dunedin, FL

Have you ever wondered how they know to migrate? Did you know that even birds who have been born in captivity know to migrate and in which direction to fly?

                              Bald Eagle. My backyard. Dunedin, FL

Have you ever considered how the acorn naturally, organically grows into an oak tree and how the birds innately know to nest there?

                                               Pileated Woodpecker. My backyard. Dunedin, FL

Have you ever thought about the natural and symbiotic relationship between the earth and her critters? How life naturally unfolds?

                                                                     Clearwater, FL

Have you always known that the setting sun would rise again?

                                                                      Clearwater, FL

And that the darkening skies would once again be clear and bright?

                                                             My backyard. Dunedin, FL

You've probably never questioned the moon's existence when it isn't visible.

                                                                      Clearwater, FL

Then, why, my friend, do you forget that the same life force that permeates and supports all of nature supports you, too? I understand. I forget at times, also. The truth is, we are not separate from all of nature. Life supports us. Life lives us. Like the birds, we know innately how to move through life, how to live.

                                                                        Dunedin, FL

Listen, we were born in well-being. We were born knowing how to be human. Yes, we get caught up in the clouds of our personal thinking and forget. But when our thinking settles, when we get quiet within, we find clarity, peace, and well-being again. This is our default setting. You don't have to take my word for it, you can experiment with it for yourself. 

I remember practically crawling out of my skin when I first tried to quiet myself. I didn't believe innate well-being, wisdom, and peace existed within me and, man, did I suffer.

                                                      Lotus. Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

It took many long walks in the woods for me to begin to quiet my mind. It was there that I discovered the long covered-over place in myself, my essence, that is just fine. That discovery has changed everything for me. And now I know that I'm only ever just a thought away from my true essence and well-being. So are you. So are you.

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